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How To Play Stick War Unblocked

Stick War is one of the best strategy game I have ever played online. It combines elements of tower defense game and an awesome arcade. So, the idea of the game is pretty simple - you have to build a strong army and defeat the enemy. Keep in mind that your enemy is also gethering his troops to attack you, so be quick and build an army of stickmen as soon as possible. There are several types of soldiers in Stick War Unblocked, some of them are called Miners and are used to collect gold, while others are to attack enemy.

In order to win the battle, you must destroy the statue of your enemy. As soon as the statue is destroyed, you win the battle and can continue the game. To complete the game you will need some time, so don't start playing it if you have no time. But if you have already started the campaign, remember that our website saves gaming progress, so just come back to our website and enjoy the stick war unblocked game.


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