Stick War Unblocked

About Stick War Unblocked

Stick War Unblocked is one of the most popular and best flash games on the web. The game has been played by thousands; it’s even created a few internet celebrities such as PewDiePie, and its active community continues to play and provide feedback today. What makes this game so popular? Let’s find out!

What Can I Expect From Stick War Unblocked?

This game contains simple but deep mechanics that keep players entertained for hours. Players start with a basic troop called the “Stickman” who can move around and attack enemies using his wooden stick weapon. This troop can be upgraded later in the game to become more powerful allowing players to progress further into enemy territory. However, unlike most card games, Stick War Unblocked is not based on who has the most powerful cards but instead who can react to their opponent’s strategy. This adds an RTS element that makes the game more interesting than simply memorizing combos and decks.

The unique blend of genres allows this game to provide entertainment for everyone! The simple mechanics make it easy enough for anyone to play but deep gameplay means it will take time before you master the ability to out think your opponents.

Why Should I Unblock Stick War?

Stick War was created by Rob Donkin & Alex Ferwerda whose first game was “Knight Elite”. However, because of copyright issues with Flash Games 2 Player Network, all official links were removed from their website making it difficult for people to discover this great game. This petition is an attempt to bring Stick War back into the view of the public and allow anyone to find, play and discuss the game online.

In conclusion, Stick War Unblocked is a great flash game that contains simple but deep mechanics with solid graphics and a vast selection of units allowing players to customize their strategy for each battle. In order for this game to be preserved by future gamers it needs proper credit given through official links on Rob Donkin’s website or a created website of his/her own design. We hope you enjoy playing Stick War Unblocked as much as we did!